Katie Strickland


Originally From: Merced, CA, born and raised in the farming community of Central Valley, CA.

Favorite Local Restaurant: I’m still very new to the area, but I do love Grays on Main!

My Favorite Service to Perform in the Salon: I have two favorites, Makeup and Facials. I love that during facials I get to know my clients and their goals and help them to achieve the results they desire. Makeup is also a favorite of mine because its my chance to use my creativity and my client leaves feeling beautiful!

Favorite Indulgence: I absolutely LOVE to get my hair done! The shampoo/scalp massage is the best part! 

Best Beauty Tip: It is important to remember that skincare is not a “one-product-fits-all” solution. What works for one person may not for another because we all have different skin. Seeking product advice from a professional can be the key to getting desired results!

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Learn more about Katie at www.facesbykatie.net